Trish Carr

Trish is author of Sizzling Strategies for Success, a contributor to the #1 best-selling, Conversations that Make a Difference, and to the acclaimed, Visionaries with Guts.  As a consultant, coach and educator, Trish has worked with leaders and front-line employees in Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as with entrepreneurs and individuals.

Trish Carr is a dynamic international speaker, author, executive business coach & leadership consultant with an expansive background in sales, marketing, customer service and peak performance training.  Trish has shared the stage with some of the world’s best-known speakers including Jack Canfield, Nancy Matthews, Bob Burg, Loral Langemeier, Kevin Harrington, Sharon Lechter, Steadman Graham and more.

As CEO of Revolutionary Consulting, Inc., Trish’s passion is to support individuals and business leaders so they reach and exceed their financial goals, optimize their individual and team productivity, and ultimately achieve professional and personal success. Revolutionary Consulting’s heart-centered, results-driven coaching and training, along with solid business strategies ensure that clients get results now.  To get your free sales building strategy, the “3 P’s of Powerful Sales Presentations” go to

Trish is co-founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, a global enterprise dedicated to inspiring, educating and empowering women and men within a trusted network of professionals. WPN offers on-line and off-line resources, business-building and skill-building tools, and motivation and inspiration for anyone going for more, striving to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Be sure to go to and register for WPN’s weekly tele-show, WOW Wednesday, where the WPN community connects to tap into the inspiration, education and motivation that keep you going and growing.

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Debbie Silverman

Debbie Silverman is an international speaker; two-time Effie Award Winner for Marketing Excellence; Human Behavior Specialist; Conversation Expert; President of Consumer-Perspective LLC, a consumer research company; Winner of the Golden Mouse Award; Best-selling author of “It’s Just a Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in Business” and “Protecting the Rabbit Ears Generation” and NLP Practitioner.

Debbie’s interest in the importance of the conversation began in the early 80’s when she worked for three of the top 10 advertising agencies in the World and learned very quickly that when in client meetings and people said, “I think this is a good idea” that in the long run would cost them unnecessary time and money.  Debbie created Consumer- Perspective LLC in 1995 to take the guesswork out of marketing and to positively impact conversations with clients and their customers. Debbie has conducted 1000’s of focus groups and other consumer research studies.  These experiences gave way for Debbie to have countless conversations with CEO’s, managers, and consumers. She has converted prospects into raving fans and most notably, raised the bar on how clients communicate with their customers.

Yet, she, like most of us, has second guessed herself which caused her to think “maybe I shouldn’t make the call.” It is this experience that also made her realize that if she was second guessing herself about an important call, how many other people, especially women, second guess themselves and put off or don’t have what could be a valuable conversation.  

“It’s Just a Conversation” was born out of this fear and the desire Debbie has to motivate others to have that crucial conversation. 

Debbie has been featured on internet TV, international podcasts, radio stations and professional publications.

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