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It’s Just a Conversation:

Having a ‘Win-Win’ for everyone concerned in any business or personal situation really does start with Just a Conversation! It’s Just a Conversation gives you a huge competitive advantage in sales, negotiating, employee relations, networking and more.

Mary Malloy, 2X Clarion Award winning author of "The Buck Starts Here, and Design Your Own Destiny"

It is not surprising that Trish and Debbie offer wit, wisdom and the WOW factor to everyday business conversations. During my 23 year relationship with Trish, I have watched her impact the lives of so many people, including mine, with her passion, insight and knowledge about business and life. Now it’s your turn!

Wendy Watkins, Author, Speaker and Flourishing Strategist

In addition to being a lifelong friend, Debbie Silverman, for the last 20 years, has been my go-to-source for all things marketing, including common sense.  Most assuredly you will find the 'conversations' within to be functional, applicable and, best of all, inspirational.

Phil Mushnick, Award Winning NY Post Sports Columnist

One of the keys to successful marketing and sales in today’s competitive business environment is knowing how to communicate your message so that your prospects see value in you, your company, and your product. Trish and Debbie show how that’s done so that you convert your prospects into customers!

R. Dale Wilson, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Marketing, Michigan State University

Business communication, particularly asking for the cash, is the most important thing you can do to create success.  Trish and Debbie have taken these conversations and written a powerful and practical book to give you tools to succeed in any situation.  It’s rare to see so many crucial topics for your business in one easy to understand book.

Loral Langemeier, Money Expert, 5 times NY Times & Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

Everything begins with a conversation and in “It’s Just a Conversation,” Trish and Debbie have provided the most powerful go-to resource for you to have conversations that deliver desired results for you and those you’re in business with. Whether you’re having a sales conversation, a discussion with a team member or employee, or just starting one with a new prospect, this book gives you the guidance to create Win-Win scenarios every time!

Nancy Matthews, Speaker, Author, Business Advisor, Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network

“Fresh, honest and straightforward – this book gives you everything you need to successfully communicate and get what you want and deserve in business and in life! Model excellence and enjoy this new approach. Trish and Debbie are masters of the spoken word”

Yvonne Oswald PhD , Award winning, best-selling author of Every Word has Power

Amazon Testimonials:

5 Stars: This is an awesome book. As a Toastmaster, I find that many people speaking think that the person/audience understood them. This isn't always the case. These authors have made a significant addition to the Art of Conversation. Finally, a way to say what you mean, mean what you say and be heard and understood! Kudos to the authors! Readers, enjoy and learn! Trish Carr is an amazing human being and I am lucky to know her! 

Adele Alexandre

5 Stars:  Trish Carr and Debbie Silverman have created the new "must have" book for everyone who wants to succeed in business. This step-by-step guide to communicating in business situations explores both keys to success and pitfalls to avoid, complete with clear real-life examples. This book does an especially fine job in addressing the nonverbal elements of business conversation, which are too frequently ignored or over-simplified. Downloadable worksheets allow the reader to customize the conversation -- what a brilliant idea! Make this book your new Business Bible -- you can't go wrong with this terrific guide.

Gail Dixon

5 Stars: Truly inspirational, engaging, interesting, and practical for any situation and conversation. An essential purchase for every business professional! Simply brilliant!


5 Stars: Debbie and Trish have managed to put on paper what a good salesperson has always known. It's Just a Conversation is poignant, intuitive and comprehensive. It's the best guide to sales and other business issues that I've seen in a very long time.

Bruce Borowitz