It’s Just a Conversation -
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  • If it’s finally time you get paid what you’re worth and deserve…
  • If it’s finally time for you to be really, really good in sales…
  • If it’s finally time for you and your business to experience PHENOMENAL SUCCESS…

This Digital Audio Training Program is for You!

  • Module 1: Ditch the Pitch - How to Create Sizzling Sales Presentations that Sell

    Whether you’re speaking to one person or to 1000, whether you’re selling your product, your service or your idea, you want to deliver your message powerfully, ultimately influencing people to buy. In this session you’ll learn the 3-step process to powerful presentations that sell. Armed with this proven method you’ll close more sales in less time!

  • Module 2: The Fortune is in the Follow-Up- Converting Suspects to Prospects to Customers

    Follow up system not working? Are you collecting hundreds of cards yet converting only a handful to customers? It’s time to STOP leaving money on the table with ineffective follow up systems that just don’t work. Trish & Debbie give you practical usable systems and processes that ensure that your follow up not only happens, but that you make the connection and make the sale.

  • Module 3: Nobody Gets in to See the Wizard. Not Nobody! Ruby Slipper Strategies to Get Past the Gatekeeper

    Have you been excited about getting in to a new company, or working with a new family or individual only to be stopped by the dreaded gatekeeper? Whether the gatekeeper is the husband or wife, secretary or receptionist you’ll learn specific strategies to get past the gatekeeper and make contact with the decision maker.

  • Module 4: Because You’re Worth it! Asking for What You’re Worth -- and Getting It!

    Your skills, talents, products and services change people’s lives. You deserve to be paid handsomely, yet something holds you back from confidently asking for the cash. If you’re done with feeling insecure about asking for the money, if you’re tired of struggling to get paid what you’re worth, let Debbie & Trish show you how to do it and feel great at the same time. It’s your time now!

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“Your One-Minute ‘Intro-Mercial©’
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Learn how to stand out from the crowd! Whether you’re creating an introduction website video, or meeting people at networking events or in elevators, you’ve got to be able to differentiate yourself quickly. In this interactive audio session Trish will give you a simple, 3-step process that will quickly grab people’s attention and inspire them to connect with you. All in one minute or less!

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“7 Secrets to Catapulting Your Business” Get Raving Fans?

Learn how to create raving fans by creating your brand purpose solely around your customers’ needs, desires and pain points. In this how to guide, Debbie will share the 7 most important business secrets that Fortune 500 companies use to delight customers, develop key service initiatives and brand champions.

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Martha Sanchez
Martha Sanchez Mommy to Mogul Coach

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